Hi! I’m Becky, the owner and creator of Pics and Squiggles.

This venture started with just that, a few ‘pics and squiggles’ during lockdown 2020 before which I’d never had chance to sit down and do any form of painting or drawing since leaving college.  Life just seemed to get in the way - I went out to work, got married, had two kids (boys for my sins) and as many of you know there's then very little time to do any hobbies. 



So possibly the one and only blessing of this global pandemic was having the time to start this little venture.  Unfortunately paints around the house plus two young boys was never going to be a good mixture so I opted to draw digitally and it turned out to be very therapeutic. 


I started to draw pictures of animals and found I was then asked to do commissions.  I went on to amend some of my artwork into greeting cards and became a creator for Thortful and following more requests I expanded my portfolio to open my Etsy shop and now, here I am, launching this brand spanking new website. 

Behind the scenes is my mum (@nanasquiggles) who has always been part of the Pics and Squiggles dream team and who helps with some of the artwork and commissions.