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Hi! I’m Becky, the owner and creator of Pics and Squiggles.

Our story

This venture started with just that, a few ‘pics and squiggles’ during lockdown 2020, before which I’d never had chance to sit down and do any form of painting or drawing since leaving college.  Life just seemed to get in the way - I went out to work, got married, had two kids (boys for my sins) and as many of you know there's then very little time to do any hobbies.  Lockdown however, provided the time to focus on an interest which also helped me stay sane through a very trying time!



How can we help you? 

Need a non-traditional card that's full of sarcasm, profanity and innuendo?  Need a gift for the person who has everything? It seems my cards and prints are the perfect unique gift for the person who has everything and when you can request your own bespoke piece, it makes it even more special.  You could even treat yourself.   


What do we do? 

We are digital artists creating beautiful and unique splatter style prints of objects, interests, animals, items - anything you like really, to display around the home.  We also offer sarcastic, rude and hilarious greeting cards, some of which you'll also find available via Thortful.  Everything is created by us, printed and then packaged in house (with the exception of the yearly calendars).  


What makes us different?

Quality, outstanding customer service and personality.  I'm not a millionaire sitting in my ivory tower or working from my holiday home in France.  I'm a mum of two, running on dry shampoo, working from the spare bedroom.  

Why should you choose Pics and Squiggles?    

As digital artists we hand draw all our artwork and with a vast range to choose from and the ability to request your own, there really is something for everyone. So treat yourself to an affordable piece of luxury and create a home that reflects your fun loving personality. Brighten up your life with a few Pics and Squiggles.

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