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How to Spruce Up Your Small Business Social Media Posts

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Social media - a powerful marketing tool the algorithm gremlin does not want you to use. It's now more difficult than ever to be seen on social media so it's time to sprinkle some comedic magic and infuse personality into your small business posts. This is the way to win over both potential customers and the algorithm.

Buckle up because we're about to explore the art of catching attention, generating giggles, and winning hearts!

  1. Meme Mania! - Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good meme? Take your product or service and meme-ify it! Got a coffee shop? Picture a cat yawning with the caption “Monday Mornings Be Like…” voilà, relatable content served!

  2. Caption Craziness - Ditch the standard captions and dive into the sea of puns, wordplay, and pop-culture references. Are you a pet grooming service? Caption that adorable dog picture with “Pawsitively the best hair day ever!” People will groan at the awful puns but it will also make them smile. Remember - keep it short and simple.

  3. Behind-the-Scenes Buffoonery - Show the world the goofy, human side of your business. Share bloopers, quirky office moments, or a team building activitiy. If you have no team then use that to your advantage and show yourself on your own fulfilling many different roles. Authenticity is a recipe for engagement.

  4. Customer Chronicles - Feature your customers in their moments of glory with your product. Be it a photo or a video, showcase their experiences, and let the good vibes roll. Plus, who doesn’t love their 15 seconds of fame?

  5. Challenge Your Followers - Start a fun challenge related to your business. Are you a bakery? Challenge followers to bake a cake that looks like their pet. Are you an artist? Challenge followers to draw something in a certain timeframe. The results? Hilariously impressive or entertainingly disastrous, either way, it’s a win!

  6. Poll Party - Engage your audience by asking light-hearted, quirky questions. Are you a bookstore? Poll them on the ultimate fictional character face-off. Dumbledore vs. Gandalf – the battle of the bearded wizards! Are you a bakery? Ask them if they like sweet or savoury. People are always willing to tell you more about themselves.

  7. Throwback Thursday - Travel back in time to the business’s inception. Share the journey, growth, and most importantly, the ‘what were we thinking’ moments. Nostalgia mixed with laughter is a potent combo.

  8. GIFs Galore - Say it with a GIF! Express the essence of your business or react to current trends with these animated delights. A dog wagging its tail? Your excitement for the weekend sale! A confused cat? Your face when customers ask odd questions. Or flip it round and ask people to share their own gifs of these things in the comments of your post. GIFs are always a winner.

  9. Jokes for Likes - Sprinkle some light-hearted jokes related to your niche. Work as an artist? Post something like 'What do you call an artist in a dark alley? Sketchy'

Remember, the key is to be entertaining, genuine, and on-brand. Injecting humor into your content can break the monotony and foster a deeper connection with your audience. So, unleash your inner comedian and let the laughter ripple through the digital space. Go forth, make them laugh, and watch your business soar!

Now, go and be you and let the fans roll in? Share this blog if you found it useful

and keep the laughter rolling. Happy posting, you witty social media moguls!

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